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A mentor is a person or organisation who provides guidance, motivation, possibly some help, some know how, ideas and sets and monitors targets to individuals or businesses, with the effect of empowering them to succeed or to perform better than they could without this assistance.

Well how about that, these people make millionaires

In practice this can be anything from consultancy that a business pays for to an apprenticeship arrangement where a person is helped and supported to get a business or more going.

You can find mentoring available in several places, it is often included when you get support from a venture capitalist, or business angel, there is a matching system within the new website of Business Club International available to its membership and there is the Unicorn Fellowship which is built around the mentoring principle. The leading Business angel network ABAN also has arrangements.

Entrepreneurial mentoring is a sub section of this, and is the state of the art area, where time is the most critical asset, and for a small number a great deal can be made to happen  fast.

So what does H3 mentoring do, well we make millionaires

H3 mentoring is division of H3 Search Ltd, a UK company run by one of the fellows of the Unicorn Fellowship, and with many contacts across a wide range of businesses, clubs and organisations. We concentrate on entrepreneurial mentoring and are recognised as one of the world leaders of this art.

In most cases we start like others by finding out about an individual, and their natural strengths and weaknesses, the things that naturally interest them and those that do not. We look at the facts that motive them, their future dreams and past achievements if any.

We then discuss a very special agreement with them, the terms varying from one to another enormously. This defines the limit of influence, and other restrictions placed, as well as much more. It is written in plain English and lasts for a period of just a year and a day, but can be renewed automatically for a further year.

As long as those who undertake these agreements do as asked of them, according to the agreement, H3 Mentoring can make them a millionaire in a year if they wish and are available full time or two years if they want to start part time first.

In practice most who take this up, are far more interested in becoming a success, achieving a lot and being able to make a difference, than in just creating wealth alone. This is of course why most multimillionaires go on achieving more, and sometimes risking all they have, when they could just sit back, as by then they have more wealth than they could spend in the rest of of their lives.

Many do not really want to become multi millionaires, but to have a nice house fully paid for without a mortgage, perhaps a holiday home, a nice car and quality life style they can enjoy. One they have achieved this, be it in 6 months or a year, they plan to not proceed any further. From the mentors viewpoint as long as an reasonable objective can be set and you are going to commit to achieving this fast, then he can assist.

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H3 Mentoring is a division and trading name of H3 Search Ltd, a UK company. H3 Search Ltd has New Atlantis Trust status and most of its activities are exclusively marketed through NAISC. It does not provide consultancy services to the public or to organisations or businesses that are not in some way closely connected with what is now called the New Economic Model. See for details on this.